Welcome to the 24 hours prayer-chain for Nigeria and the nations of the world at the National Prayer Altar, committed to birthing a new Nigeria and global revival.

Christians are invited to the prayers for the Kingdom of God to be established on earth. Each participant in the prayer-chain is required to make a commitment to pray for, at least, one hour weekly. To ensure that all the 168 hours in a week are filled, each one-hour slot is tentatively programmed to take only two persons. This is to ensure that at least two people are praying through each hour of the day. After all the hours of the week have been filled, the restriction will be reviewed to accommodate additional persons per slot.

Kindly register to gain access to the time slots. The link to the registration page is supplied below. Please, provide accurate information so that prayer points and other relevant information can be conveyed to you by email and/or SMS.

God bless you.

Pastor Bosun Emmanuel & Prof. Kontein Trinya
The National Prayer Altar

  1. Please, click on this REGISTRATION button or the one below this instruction and provide accurate information as requested.
  2. Kindly provide a USERNAME (e.g. genesis77, johnsmile, myname, etc) and a PASSWORD. Both should be easily remembered for subsequent access into your account.
  3. It is important that you register BEFORE gaining access to pick a time slot.
  4. After successful registration and on subsequent visits, you would be required to login to access your account using your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  5. After logging in, on the time slot portal, pick a personally convenient time, to pray for one hour weekly. Please, pick a time that you will be committed to, so that the prayer chain is not broken. It is imperative that each participant prays at the chosen time.
  6. Anyone who so desires, may choose more than one hour in the week, depending on individual preference.
  7. All prayers shall be on ZOOM. If you are not going to be available to keep your watch, please call or SMS
    Name: Geraldine
    Number: 08150952096
    ahead of time so that arrangement can be made to ensure that the gap is filled. Please, expect Coordinators of the 24-hour prayer watch to enter the prayer room any time to check that the slot is being effectively covered.
  8. We are starting with 2 persons per hour until all the 168 hours in the week are covered. Subsequently, the slots shall be opened for more participants. You are encouraged to invite more people to join your hour of prayer.
  9. Prayer points shall be sent weekly to your email account and placed on the WhatsApp and Telegram platforms of National Prayer Altar.
  10. Further information shall be communicated to you by email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
  11. Kindly note that this is a strictly voluntary prayer sacrifice, and that the first lap of this prayer relay shall be until after the elections in February 2023. Should there be consensus and divine leading to continue beyond then, the arrangement shall be generally reviewed accordingly, and shall be so done from time to time, to ensure that our sacrifice does not dwindle into mere rituals.

Thanks and God bless you.

* Sister Bose Giwa-Osagie
* Sister Yemisi Subair
24-Hour Prayer Coordinators