MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 10th – Sunday 16th July 2023

Monday 10th – Sunday 16th July 2023


1. Ps. 103: 1-5 Prayer of thanksgiving to God for His preservation and provision.

2. Is. 55: 10 – 11; Jer. 1: 12; Thank God for the various prophecies concerning Nigeria. Pray that each prophecy shall be fulfilled, and the new Nigeria shall come forth speedily.

3. Ps. 75: 6 - 7 Pray that God will promote righteous men and women into positions of leadership, in the Church, and in the country.
Is. 32: 1 – 7 Pray that righteous men and women shall replace the current set of self-serving people who pretend to be statesmen and public officials.

4. Is. 54: 13 Raise a lamentation to heaven about the immorality prevalent amongst Nigerian youths. Pray that God shall teach the youths in the ways of righteousness. Pray for return to parental responsibilities in homes.

5. Luke 19: 10 Intercede for salvation of souls all over the country.
Pray that God shall raise new leadership in the Church that shall focus on discipleship and soul winning.

6. Thank God for the report of the European Union that confirms breaches in the 2023 electoral process.
Pray that any ungodly pressure on the justices in the Tribunals shall fail.
Ps. 89: 14 Pray that righteous judgment shall proceed from the court.

7. Is. 59: 19 - Pray for Christians in Plateau State and the rest of the Middle Belt



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There will be no prayers on the Marathon platform during the daily 9.00pm - 10.00pm (WAT) National Prayer Altar.