MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 4th September – Sunday 10th September 2023

Monday 4th September – Sunday 10th September 2023


1. Hab. 3: 17 – 19: We acknowledge that Nigeria is going through turbulence economically, politically, and socially. Yet, there remain credible reasons for thanksgiving to God. Pray in thanksgiving, for the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever, notwithstanding all the challenges facing the country.

2. Mal. 3: 1 – 3: Christianity in Nigeria is facing a lot of crises primarily due to the lack of Godly character amongst Christians. The scandals and evils reports amongst the saints are distressing. It is difficult to find Christians who are Christlike in conduct.
Pray that God will sit as refiner and purifier of silver in the Nigeria Church and purge Christians of every evil and abominable work.

3. A Church without moral authority cannot exercise spiritual authority. Through multiple acts of disobedience and rebellion against God, the Nigeria Church has lost moral authority. The guiltiest group is the leadership of the Church.
2 10: 3 – 6: In the ongoing spiritual warfare in the country, the Church requires perfect obedience to punish and restrain every satanic operation in the country.
Pray again that God would purge the Nigeria Church of every evil work, worldliness, greed, and covetousness.

4. Jude 3-4: Christians are commanded to contend earnestly for the faith because “certain men [have] crept in unawares” into the Church. There are people in the Church who have no business with Jesus Christ. Their god is mammon. According to 1 Cor. 5: 12 – 13, Execute judgment upon every ungodly, hypocritical, and pretentious Christian leader in the Nigeria Church. Pray that God would speedily judge every Christian leader who has turned the grace of Jesus God into “lasciviousness”. Jude 4.

5. Heb. 12: 22 – 24: Pray against every altar of darkness promoting illegality and injustice in Nigeria. Plead the blood of Jesus to silence every voice that proceeds from altars of darkness in the land.
Pray that the satanic priests and priestesses servicing the altars of darkness shall be cut-off from this country.

6. As the country draws closer to 16th September 2023 when the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal shall give judgment, tension is building up in the country.
According to Daniel 7: 21-22, Pray that the Ancient of Days would sit in judgment over Nigeria and give judgment to the saints and to all who love truth and righteousness in the country.

7. Government has issued another warning that flooding shall be experienced in various parts of the country. The flooding of Nigeria in 2022 left in its wake serious destructions.
Gen. 9: 9 – 16: Intercede that God would remember His covenant with man and restrain the rainwater from becoming destructive flood all over the country again.
Also, pray that responsible people shall take over government and implement preventive measures against perennial flooding of the country.



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