MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 25th - Sunday 31st March 2024

Monday 25th - Sunday 31st March 2024


Yes, "the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof" (Ps. 24), however, whom has God handed Nigeria over to? Acts 17: 26 says that God “… hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” Each nation has a specific portion of planet earth allotted to it by God. It would be logical to conclude that Nigeria belongs to the indigenous ethnic nationalities. This conclusion may however pose a problem when we consider the next question: Who wrote the current Constitution of Nigeria?

The Constitution is the sovereign document of a state, determining how the country should be governed. It is produced by the citizens, if the country is free, or it is produced by a colonial power if the country is a colony. Under the colonial rule, Nigeria had such constitutions as the Clifford Constitution of 1922, the Richards Constitution of 1946, the Macpherson Constitution of 1951, and the Lyttleton Constitution of 1954. Nigerians did not produce the constitution of the country then, because they were under colonial rule. Now that the country has gained independence, who should produce the constitution of Nigeria?

It is time to answer the question, "Who produced the 1999 Constitution for Nigeria?" Was it produced by Nigerian citizens or was it handed over to them? The reality that Nigerians must face is that some forces are brazenly saying that Nigeria does not belong to Nigerians. They have affirmed this by giving Nigeria a constitution that was not produced by Nigerians. After ending colonial rule on 1st October 1960, Nigeria entered another servitude which commenced on 29th May 1999. This is the reality on ground. What was not made public is the identity of the new colonial master.

To placate Nigerians and lull them into a false sense of security, the National Assembly was persuaded by the new “owners” of Nigeria to conduct regular “amendments” of the Constitution. This has become a ritual that each Assembly does to silence protests and create the impression that Nigerians have a say in the Constitution of the new colonial master. Since 1999, there have been five of such alterations to the Constitution. A few days ago, the National Assembly gave notice of the sixth amendment and called on Nigerians to submit memoranda.

Did any of the previous alterations to the Constitution bring any meaningful change to Nigeria? The 8th Assembly in 2017 made thirty-two (32) amendments to the Constitution. Did it impact the country in any meaningful way? The 9th Assembly conducted its constitutional merry-go-round in 2020 and could not solve the problems of insecurity and poverty. As a matter of fact, after the 9th Assembly concluded its amendments, Nigeria officially became poverty capital of the world. In 2024, the new Assembly is calling for memoranda for another session of motions without movement.

The 1999 Constitution is at the root of the current calamities that have befallen Nigeria. This sovereign document, that was produced by a faceless colonial master, and imposed on the country by Military Decree 24, has locked Nigeria in a cage of violence and poverty. Nigerians may not come out unless they summon the political will to break the chains. We shall highlight four key areas in which the 1999 Constitution is a liability to Nigeria.

The pillar of corruption in the country is the “immunity clause” in the 1999 Constitution. The clause accords immunity to the President, Vice President, Governors, and Deputy Governors while they are in office. The immunity clause gives them protection from all civil and criminal prosecution no matter the crime they commit. They can only be tried after the expiration of their tenure.
It is this immunity that birthed executive impunity in Nigeria. The President and the Governors can loot and mismanage without any fear of prosecution. The immunity clause prevents leadership accountability. Once the leaders are not accountable, the followers will naturally follow suit and the leaders will have no moral authority to query them.

The 1999 Constitution concentrates security in the central government. Nigeria is a Federation in which the federating units have no power to defend themselves. The State Governors are referred to as Chief Security Officers of the state, but the entire security apparatus is controlled from Abuja. In April 2016, Nimbo in Enugu state was attacked by terrorists. The Governor held security meetings with all security formations in the state to prevent the attack. After the security meeting and various assurances given to Governor Ugwuanyi, the terrorists struck. The Governor, as the Chief Security Officer of Enugu state, had no authority over the security forces.
In Nigeria, there is neither state nor community Police. Consequently, kidnappers, bandits, insurgents, cultists, armed robbers, ritualists, as well as drug dealers ravage the country unmolested. It is the 1999 Constitution.

The 68 items in the Exclusive Legislative List are commercial and developmental projects that only Federal Government can undertake. This list bars states from exploiting resources within their zones for development purposes. Each federating unit should be in control of its resources and pay royalty to the Federal Government. Consequently, Nigeria has resources that it is not adequately benefiting from. Too much responsibility is saddled on the Federal Government by a “colonial master” determined to control every aspect of the lives of Nigerians.

Nigeria obtained independence as a democratic country under Common Law jurisdiction. The National Ideology of Nigeria at independence was Parliamentary Democracy. The 1999 Constitution legitimized dual conflicting ideologies of Democracy and Sharia for Nigeria. Both are antithetical to each other. This was done without the consent of Nigerians. At present, Nigeria has joined Islamic countries like Bangladesh, Brunei, Gambia, Malaysia, and Pakistan in the classification of countries under Common Law and Sharia. Again, it was imposed by virtue of 1999 Constitution.
This Constitution is the bedrock of religious insurgency in the country. Religious terrorists will continue to bedevil Nigeria so long as the 1999 Constitution is in force. Sharia in the Constitution gives the Islamist insurgents legitimacy to operate in Nigeria.

On 18th March 2024, some eminent Nigerians, under the aegis of the Patriots Group, gathered in Lagos for a Conference commemorating 10 years of the National Conference. The Patriots Conference passed a resolution calling on the Government to adopt the report of the 2014 National Conference. The Report of the National Conference came with a draft new Constitution for Nigeria.

Every Nigerian must begin to agitate for a new Constitution. The National Assembly must be told in clear terms that another amendment of the 1999 Constitution is no longer required. What is paramount is for the National Assembly to legislate a bill for a new Constitution. The process will be fast-tracked by the adoption of the Report of the 2014 National Conference. Nigeria requires a new Constitution, not an amended Constitution.

For Christians, demand for a new Constitution should form a major prayer focus. It is for liberty that Christ has made us free. The yoke of bondage placed upon Nigeria through the 1999 Constitution must be destroyed so that Nigeria can be free to fulfil the mandate of God. Christians should specifically demand that in 2024, Nigeria shall have a new Constitution, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


1). Ps. 129: 1 – 8
Thank God for preserving Nigeria despite countless attacks and afflictions.

2). Isaiah 7: 4 – 7
Decree by the authority of the word of God that every conspiracy of foreign nations to capture and dominate Nigeria shall not stand neither shall it come to pass.

3). Isaiah 8: 9 – 10
Pray that all the faceless forces, locally and internationally, that are behind the 1999 Constitution, shall be scattered and broken in pieces.

4). Zech. 1: 14 – 17
Pray that indignation shall break out from heaven and cover the earth against the 1999 Constitution. Pray for a stirring in the land that shall overwhelm the sponsors of the 1999 Constitution.

5). Matt. 16: 19
Take authority over every satanic manipulation designed to keep Nigerians docile and spellbound. Nullify all those works of darkness with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

6). Gen. 9: 6
With the blood of Jesus, silence the voices of blood crying for vengeance against Nigeria. Decree the judgment in Gen. 9: 6 upon everyone who has shed innocent blood in Nigeria.

7). Isaiah 11: 1 – 4
Pray that the Spirit of God shall brood over the National Assembly and compel the legislators to initiate the process for a new Constitution for Nigeria in 2024.


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