MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 29th April - Sunday 5th May 2024

Monday 29th April - Sunday 5th May 2024


In one of our previous prayer calls, we pointed out that three things defile a land and bring curses upon the people:

1. Adultery
2. Idolatry
3. Bloodshed

Of these three vices, the worst is bloodshed, because it is not easily atoned for. The only atonement provided in the Bible for the shedding of the blood of the innocent is the blood of the person who did the killing. “So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.” (Num. 35: 33)

The relentless and ruthless shedding of the blood of innocent people in Nigeria strongly suggests that there is a deliberate sinister agenda behind it. It is therefore in our collective interest to understand the intention of those behind the massive shedding of blood, which has been ongoing for fifteen years in Nigeria. This issue should not be treated with levity.

Every empire is established upon the foundation of blood. The currency to pay for an empire is blood. All the Gentile empires mentioned in the Bible were established on the foundation of blood. The Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, and Roman empires were all established on the foundation of blood.

This principle is not restricted to the Gentiles. To build the nation of Israel in Egypt, the foundation was laid on blood, the blood of the Passover lamb, as a type of the blood of Jesus. Going further, to build the eternal Kingdom of God on earth, the foundation was also on blood, the Blood of Jesus shed on Calvary.

In contemporary times, we see this principle playing out with the current superpowers in the world. The United States of America was built on the foundation of the blood of the native Americans, the “Red Indians”. Millions of those natives were slaughtered by the Caucasian race from Europe. To sustain the “American empire”, USA engages in global shedding of blood unparalleled in human history. No country on earth sheds blood like the USA, either directly through wars or indirectly through proxy wars manipulated by the USA. In some instances, the USA has been known to fund both conflicting parties, as it is currently doing in the Israel and Iran conflict. It is all about sustaining the American global empire through constant bloodshed.

Every human empire, irrespective of the price that was paid for it in blood, has a terminal date. There is no human empire that is eternal. The only empire that will last forever is the Kingdom of God built on the sacred and sinless blood of Jesus Christ.
Whenever a human kingdom is reaching the end of its tenure, if the beneficiaries of the kingdom wish to extend or renew it, they must shed double the amount of blood that was shed initially to establish that kingdom.

It is a historical fact that Othman Dan Fodio had a dream in which he was told that the Fulani empire, which he established, would last two hundred years. The two hundred years lapsed some years ago. It is within this context that we should view the current Fulani sponsored bloodshed taking place in Nigeria. An empire that is supposed to be dead is being forcefully kept alive with the hope of extending its lifespan. Hence, the beneficiaries of the empire must double the blood that was shed to establish it originally.

A Hausa female emancipator, Hajia Kalthoum Alumbe Jutami, alleged that millions of Hausas were killed in the eight years of Muhammadu Buhari's presidency in Nigeria. That is massive bloodshed. Even if one were to contest her claim, no one can deny the murderous activities all over the country, of the Fulani terrorists being cleverly called “bandits”. More than sufficient data is available in the media.

Under the circumstances, the indigenous ethnic nationalities must view with seriousness the continued plague of bloodshed in Nigeria. It should not be treated with levity. The experience of the “Red Indians” in America, as well as that of the aborigines of Australia, should serve as serious warning. Today, the aborigines do not have a voice in the parliament of Australia. A major referendum, which was held on 14th Oct. 2023, to give the aborigines a voice in the Parliament and government on issues that affect them was defeated, yet the aborigines are the owners of the land.
The Nubians of Egypt were decimated to a tiny number while the Arabs took over the land and claimed to be Egyptians. The Nubians are dark skinned, like Nigerians.

Nigerians must recognize the far-reaching implications of the bloodshed taking place in the country and apply corrective measures immediately. In addition to ceaseless intercessions, the following preventive measures, amongst many others, should be considered:

1. There must be a concerted effort to dismantle the Caliphate sponsored 1999 Constitution. A new constitution must come into effect in 2024. The indigenous ethnic nationalities should accept the challenge and responsibility of giving Nigeria a new constitution in 2024. Nigeria must be renegotiated.
2. The current debate over State Police should be resolved quickly. The argument that state governors may abuse the power is untenable. After all, the national Police is under the president.
3. There should be a deliberate program of sharing this information with Nigerians at every available forum. The awareness should spread to places of worship, schools, as well as in the social media. This is not "ethnic profiling", as some might guiltily wish to dismiss it. Available and irrefutable data strongly confirm that there is a sinister motive behind the bloodshed taking place in Nigeria. Seeking permanent solutions to the bloodshed that afflicted Nigeria in the past fifteen years cannot be dismissed as “ethnic profiling”.

For Christians, two Bible passages are instructive. They are:
1. My people perish for lack of knowledge. (Hos. 4: 6);
2. Faith without works is dead. (Jam. 2: 17).

Christians must seek a deeper understanding of the spiritual implications of events occurring in Nigeria and embark on deliberate programs of intervention to provide lasting solutions. Christians must not stop at prayers alone.
This season calls for the manifestation of the sons of God.
May God find us willing in the day of His power. Amen.


1. Num. 35: 33; Gen. 9: 6
Pray that God will raise a righteous government that will execute justice and judgment on those who conspire to shed blood in Nigeria.

2. Rev. 16: 6 – 7
Pray that the foot-soldiers and the sponsors of the bloodshed in Nigeria shall carry the consequence of all their blood shed in Nigeria. Pray that every spiritual consequence of the blood shall be heaped upon them and their house.

3. Num. 16: 31 – 35
Pray that the fire of God will consume all the false prophets, sorcerers, diviners, necromancers, and enchanters manipulating blood to cast spells, deploy destructions, and curses upon Nigerians.

4. Is. 49: 24 – 26
Plead the blood of Jesus to nullify every satanic manipulation to exterminate and enslave the indigenous ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

5. The NT in Heb. 12: 24 provides the solution for appeasing blood that is calling for vengeance. Plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse Nigeria and atone for the blood of the innocent so that blood guiltiness will stop afflicting the land.
Pray that the blood of Jesus will assuage vengeance of the blood from calling for more blood.

6. Ecc. 10: 8
It is written, “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it;” Pray that all those who conspired evil against Nigeria and the indigenous ethnic nationalities shall be consumed by the evil they unleashed.

7. Isaiah 60: 18
Proclaim everlasting peace upon Nigeria.


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