MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 17th June - Sunday 23rd June 2024

Monday 17th - Sunday 23rd June 2024


For the purposes of watchfulness and intercession, National Prayer Altar is sharing the revelation below. The source of the revelation is credible, and the goal of sharing it is to destroy the works of Satan and establish the government of the kingdom of God upon Nigeria.

In my night seasons, I was made to see a large rectangular shaped table situated inside a rectangular shaped body of water. I was made to understand that this was the ocean, and that I was seeing into the marine kingdom. Inside this water, there were people seated on either length of this table. Outside the water also, there were people seated on either length of the water.

Inside the water, on one side of the table (the right side) sat former presidents (of Nigeria), politicians, and many “babalawo” (chief voodoo men); they were all dressed in white. Standing closely behind them were powerful businessmen and SANs (eminent judges) in Nigeria. I was made to know that those men standing behind represented various sectors of the society … commerce, education, etc.

On the other side of the table were some pastors, ministers of the gospel. They were seated facing the politicians and the “babalawo”. Those who stood behind the pastors were far from the table and had no idea of what exactly was transpiring at the table, neither did they see those that the pastors were dealing with.

The meeting was called because the people at the table were not satisfied with the present government and wanted to take the mantle of office from the present leader. The meeting was clearly set in the marine world.

The politicians were the godfathers and power holders in the country. The pastors seated were their collaborators, the successors to the GO’s and the current leading ministers of the gospel in the country. They were the “tier two” ministers. The well-known men of God in the country were the “tier one”.

I was made to understand that the men of God seen at present as “fathers” had become mere figure heads and social media celebrities. They were rich and celebrated but had absolutely no power again in the spirit realm, either in the Kingdom of Light or in the kingdom of darkness.

The powerful men who stood behind the politicians were not exactly concerned with the well-being of the country. They only wanted access to the raw power available at the table.

The most powerful man on the table was seated with the politicians and he had a white fetish cloth around his shoulders and amulets on his wrists. He and the other politicians and godfathers were preparing to handover to the powerful businessmen and SANs behind them who were already fully involved and fully aware of the practices at the table.

The people behind the pastors had no clear idea of what the pastors were involved in. They were however following the pastors intently. There was a particular pastor who was always standing up from the table to go and talk to the people and come back to the table.

All the pastors had Bibles in their hands. Some placed theirs on the table, while some held theirs in their hands, but they all had it. It was mandatory. However, that was not their source of power. They were extremely unconcerned with anything that had to do with God, but they had a huge following in the Church - followers who followed blindly. The pastors were hard eyed and ravenous for the power, influence, and affluence that was available at the table.

Somewhere else, not too far from there, I was taken to a church premises. The church had lots and lots of buildings and so many activities were going on … there were podcasts, recordings, services, and ceremonies. There was one ceremony a bishop was having, and food was being shared, however the man was a fetish man. The church was in such a disarray. Everywhere was dirty and dusty. Some buildings had large holes in them, some were dilapidated, but no one seemed concerned about the state of the church. Each was just doing his own thing.

Somewhere in the sky, just above the church premises, were a group of Apostles and Prophets and Pastors, who were meeting to intercede and make decisions concerning the nation. Some of them were there physically, some were not, because they don’t live in Nigeria. However they all seemed to be physically present at the meeting. They were not a part of the activities of the church, they were above and beyond. They had put structures in place in the spirit realm ten years ahead. They had handled the problems of the nation in the spirit, and were already making plans, years ahead of everyone else.

At some point, this company was offered the food that was being served in the church. They turned it down with such disdain. They saw it as a defilement and a distraction to the work they were doing.

I rushed to tell them of the meeting in the water, that I had just seen, but they didn’t seem surprised at all. They said it was not news to them. Apparently, they had handled it and taken care of it in the spirit realm. This company of Apostles, Prophets and Pastors was working ahead of everyone, and they had access to the raw power of the Living God in Christ Jesus.

This is what I was shown…

2nd June 2024


1). Job 12:22; Daniel 2:22.
Thank God for not leaving His saints in the dark. Thank Him for His light that brings deliverance.

2). Isaiah 5:5; Malachi 3:2-3.
Pray that God would take away the covering and the strength of all false pastors. Let the power of manipulation and hypnotism be destroyed from the people. Pray that the house of God be cleansed & purified by fire.

3). Colossians 1:16-19; 1Chr. 29:11.
Fasten the government of Jesus Christ over the soul of Nigeria. Jesus has pre-eminence over all things in creation. Ask Jesus to fill the entirety of Nigeria.

4). John 2:13-16; Matthew 18:18.
By the authority of Jesus, overturn all the tables of wickedness set against the counsel of God for Nigeria. Disannul the counsel of occult and demonic tables raised against Nigeria. Bind and cast out all demon spirits disturbing the peace and destiny of Nigeria.

5). Luke 10:19; Matthew 28:18.
Collapse and crush the powers of the tables that have risen against Nigeria; the powers of the tables operating from the waters, from the air, from the land. Cast down and destroy every power that is trading the destiny of Nigeria.

6). Luke 21:15; Job 22:28.
Unlock the marine and the freshwaters; the grasslands, the forests, the mountains, and the deserts. Set the stars, the moon and the sun over Nigeria free from all evil occupation, all evil configuration, all evil incantations and manipulations against the plans and purposes of Jesus Christ for Nigeria.

7). Isaiah 8:10; Hebrews 12:29).
Overturn, break and destroy every table negotiating, bargaining, exchanging, and trading the soul of Nigeria and Nigerians. Break their stronghold over Nigeria and turn their counsel to nothing by the finished work of Jesus Christ. Let every such demonic power table be consumed by the fire of God!


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