MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 5th – Sunday 11th June 2023

Monday 5th – Sunday 11th June 2023


1. Prayer for personal sanctification – Rom. 2: 21 – 24;
Some Christians may be praying against unrighteousness, injustice, and corruption in Nigeria. Are they also guilty of what they condemn?
Ps. 19: 12-14; 139: 23-24. Pray for your personal sanctification. Plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse you from every unrighteousness.

2. Pray for the Presence and power of Holy Spirit in the Nigerian Church to execute judgment upon evil doers in the Church and restore the fear of God amongst Nigerian Christians. Acts. 5: 3, 9-11

3. Pray for the Presence and power of Holy Spirit to guide Nigerian Christians on what to do in this season. Acts 13: 2-4

4. Matt. 15: 13 Pray that every decision, appointment, and installation that did not emanate from God in this season in Nigeria, shall be uprooted.
Pray that only what constitutes the perfect of the Almighty God shall stand.

5. Ez. 21: 24 -25 Pray that the iniquities of wicked rulers and unrighteous leaders in Nigeria shall be remembered by God and judgment shall be executed upon them all from heaven, to bring iniquity to an end in Nigeria.

6. Ez. 21: 26-27 Pray that God will cast down all those who use wickedness to exalt themselves in Nigeria.
Pray that God will overturn, overturn, and overturn, every decision taken in wickedness and unrighteousness in Nigeria. Pray that the throne of Nigeria shall be restored to the rightful person.
Call down righteous indignation to break out from God in heaven against evil rulers and leaders in Nigeria.

7. Pray, and nullify with the blood of Jesus, the sorcery and enchantment projected all over Nigeria. Isaiah 25: 7-9. Pray that sorcery shall not suppress Nigerians in the Name of Jesus.
Isaiah 8: 10 Nullify with the blood of Jesus all incantations, divinations, spell, and prognostication pronounced over Nigeria and Nigerians. Decree in the Name of Jesus that it shall come to nought. Num. 23: 23

8. Pray to God to release Michael and his angels to take over every atmosphere and every space in Nigeria. Bind every evil spirit that was called forth to operate in Nigeria. Cast them back into hell.