MARATHON PRAYERS (24/7 Prayer Chain) Monday 19th – Sunday 25th June 2023

Monday 19th – Sunday 25th June 2023


1. Isaiah 46:10 - Praise God that His counsel shall stand concerning Nigeria. God has long declared in prophecy that Nigeria would be a light to the nations after a phase of corruption.
Isaiah 43:18 – 21 - Decree that the new Nigeria shall come forth and fulfil the purpose of God.

2. Prov. 16:33 – Pray for the judiciary as the election petitions make progress at the tribunal. Pray that every ruling that shall proceed from the courts shall comply with the perfect will of the Almighty God for Nigeria.

3. Ezekiel 22: 27 - Pray that anyone that is guilty of bloodshed through rituals or any other form of satanic sacrifice shall not sit on any throne, or in any public office, in Nigeria.

4. Isaiah 28:14–19 - Pray that heaven shall uproot those who gained access into political offices through bloodshed and satanic covenants. Nullify their satanic covenants by the power in the blood of Jesus.
Cast them out of the exalted offices they have occupied through fraud.

5. Ezekiel 22:25–26 - Pray for God to arise and purge the Church. Pray that God will execute judgment against Balaams in the Church who profane the name of God through greed.

6. Ezekiel 34:23-26 - Intercede for Nigerians, that God shall send strength upon the land as the illegitimate government inflicts more hardship on the people by removing “fuel subsidy”. This is the same “subsidy” that this same set of people organized public protests to denounce and condemn in 2012.

7. Ps. 102:13 - Pray for God to arise and clothe Nigeria with His mercy.



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There will be no prayers on the Marathon platform during the daily 9.00pm - 10.00pm (WAT) National Prayer Altar.